Program Director
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Born and raised in Panama City, FL. and now residing in Atlanta, BLIZM is the founder of CHAINLESS ENTERTAINMENT, established in 1999 and Program Director of K-100 Radio, established in 2012.

BLIZM has been Executive Producer for 9 full length projects and sold over 20K albums as an independent artist and owner of the label. His album “THE UNLISTED LP” was a regional success, with the single “YOU DON’T COME AROUND” gaining him local FM radio rotation. His last solo album release was in 2012 titled “THE CINEMA OF ME”, and was given rave reviews being hailed as one of the best independent albums of that year.
Being an excellent ghost writer BLIZM, has been penning lyrics for his music as well as various others artist in the music industry. He is also a trained recording engineer, garnishing mixing and production duties on many of his songs, and numerous other artists around the Atlanta area and beyond.
BLIZM created K-100 RADIO in 2012 and acts as Program Director, producer and occasional on-air personality for the broadcast. He hosts the very popular “ILL or KILL” music review segment which focuses on indie artists. Formulating ideas and concepts for show segments and implementing marketing plans to bring awareness of the broadcast, he has made a mark in the music industry with K-100 Radio. The broadcast is very popular with underground artists, has a large world wide listening audience and has received several award nominations.
 As a blogger, BLIZM has concentrated his blog material on hip hop, indie artists and the music industry. His blogs have been viewed by over 100,000 people and have been published on various sites including (CHICAGO), and MAKINIT MAGAZINE (ATLANTA). BLIZM is also a voting member of The Recording Academy and votes every year on the Grammy Awards to help use his influence to guide the Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B genres in the right direction.