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July, 2017 | Central Floridas Premier Music Event

July 2017 | Tampa Music Conference

One of my favorite things to do is people watch. I like to observe how people interact with each other. Couples in particular are interesting to me. How did they meet? How long have they been together? Are they even a couple? Is it casual or serious? Sitting at a coffee shop recently I observed what appeared to be a fight between a couple and it made my mind race. It got me wondering on how different we act depending on the type of relationship we are in.

At some point in our life, most of us have experienced casual relationships. Just dating, friends with benefits, someone to chill with, however you label it, this relationship is one that is for now and mostly just for convenience. These relationships are almost always fun, especially at the beginning. You call each other when there is a need, be it physical or otherwise. Sometimes the reason for these relationships are superficial, where the other person is simply arm candy. Someone that makes you look good.  The successful doctor you bring to a family function or the supermodel you want to be seen with. Sometimes, these are just people on the other end of the phone or a text message. A person you can always count on for good conversation or a laugh. No matter what purpose they serve, causal relationships have one thing in common, more often than not they are temporary and self serving.

On the other side of the spectrum we have serious relationships. Those who we hope to spend the rest of our life with. Some of these relationships start off as casual and with time blossom into something more concrete. In addition to time, these relationships also require attention, devotion, commitment and sometimes sacrifice. We have to give ourselves into these relationships, but the rewards make them worth it. This person will see you at your worse. They will be there to lift you when you are down and celebrate with you when you are up. You also act different when you are in a serious relationship. The world knows it and there is no guessing as to who you are with. You spend your money different. Financial decisions are made with the “big picture” in mind. You are mindful of the places you go and the people you are with.  Goals are clearly defined and you know where you are going instead of “hoping” things go somewhere.

By now you must be asking yourself what does this article have to do with music? The answer is simple, what kind of relationship are you and music in? Is it a casual relationship? Something that you do for fun? Do you do music because you like how others see you with music? Does it make you feel cool and feeds your self esteem? Do you call on music when you are lonely and need a fix? Or is music something you are married to? Do you alter your spending habits and make decisions to enhance your future with music? Do you think about music throughout the day and can’t wait to get back home (studio) to be with her?  Is music your side chick, or your wife? Do you respect her as such? Be honest with your answers to these questions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with casual relationships and they could be fun, just be upfront with yourself as to whether there is a future with her or not. She deserves that much.